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The internet is a rapid-growing marketplace. With Google dominating mobile searches and enterprises putting their trust in us, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help grow your business with our solutions that are sure to make you stand out from the competition!

LEADS is a digital marketing platform with a 3 pronged approach to increase your monthly sales.


Connect your customer with your website through our innovative AI technology. By creating focused landing pages for local SEO and national visibility.


Capture a large percentage of those visitors’ information including name, email id, and much more.


Convert the visitors into paying customers with your own customer relationship management tool.


• Eliminate unnecessary 3rd party expense 

• Make it easy to do business – frictionless

• No contracts (30 days opt-out)

• No setup fees ( we set up the initial workflow in your CRM)

• You keep the data always

How Are We Different:

Where pixels such as Facebook provide the IP address or cookie behind the visitor, LEADS technology actually identifies the person behind it with all of their contact information. 

The best part: YOU own the data we capture and is available for you to download at any time via API or our export feature to convert fresh LEADS to sales in all of your marketing efforts. The available marketing channels you can use include direct mail, phone, email, SMS/Text, Facebook, and Instagram.

On top of this, you have the freedom to use any marketing tool or agency you’d like to utilize our LEADS technology. There are infinite variations of campaigns you can use.

Don’t you want to know who this is searching on your site?!

All The Benefits Of LEADS:

  • POWERFUL DATA: Access your website visitors’ contact information by their first name, last name, email address, physical address, webpages visited, phone number (when not on National Do Not Call Registry), and more. 
  • ORGANIZED CONTACTS: Our dashboard and export options allow you to sort and filter your newly identified customers by date, address, name, email, phone number, and more. 
  • EASY ACCESS: Your LEADS dashboard is easily accessible from any web browser meaning there is no software download required. Export your identified visitor list to an Excel format or through our custom API for your marketing and more with a simple click of a button.
  • TRACK USER BEHAVIOR: Website page logs reveal where your identified visitors navigated throughout your website.
  • RED HOT LEADS: Any website visitor lead who clicked on one of your submittal forms or used the add to cart option but didn’t complete their submission or order (form fails leads) will be delivered to your LEADS dashboard or your CRM.  
  • SAFE MARKETING: Our product is being used by some of the largest companies in the United States and has been thoroughly vetted by one of the top privacy law firms in the country. You can feel safe and secure with your marketing efforts using LEADS.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR CRM: By combining our LEADS data with your CRM, you will have a complete and accurate datasource of your customers to maximize your sales potential.
  • UTILIZE MOBILE ADVERTISING (“MAID” Mobile Advertising ID): With LEADS you can utilize mobile advertising appearing on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets with wireless connections. It can look like SMS text message ads, banner ads, or videos that appear embedded on mobile websites, in-apps, or games.
  • GO BEYOND THE IP & COOKIE TRACKING: Most programs share who is on your website with data that seems impossible to utilize. What we do, is break down the data to make it usable when trying to remarket to anonymous website visitors. See how we compare with the chart below: 
Feature LEADS IP Cookie
Number of data points used to collect data 12 1 1
Number of filter options Endless 0 0
Works with mobile apps
Syncs profile info across browsers
GDPR Compliant
CCPA Compliant
DNCR Compliant
NCOA Compliant
Accurate location reporting
Remains consistent over time
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring domains
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring zip codes

The first step in advertising is to have a plan. If you don’t know what your goals are, how can you measure success? 

LEADS provides you a warm lead in your sales funnels to successfully achieve your goal!

Utilize The Benefits Of Retargetting Advertising: 

  • INCREASE BRAND EXPOSURE: Service ads strategically, to achieve greater impact and help customers move through the marketing funnel quickly
  • REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Reach the right audience and focus ad spend only on customers that have expressed interest and are more likely to convert 
  • MAXIMIZE ROI: Improve your cost-effectiveness by reaching your leads and customers who have already been to your website and are very close to taking action.

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